Customer reviews
Hi my friend Shantel gifted me your products and I just wanted to say they're literally the best wax melts I have ever used. I'm so excited to try out your candle tonight. Thank you for making such awesome products! I really enjoy them!
— Honey Floral Studio YQR
I am sooo happy to have found your product. Highest quality soy candles and scents. Thank you for continuing even through the hardships!!
— Lacy
Our customers go crazy for these scents! We’ve done amazing with the candles and the room sprays! Our customers literally go on waitlists for these products! Alsooo just a bonus… the shipping is fulfilment is incredibly fast! We received our order the next day! We love Sunday morning and between the sheets products most at the moment!
— Shadesofjay Warehouse
Hey do you have anything fresh scented? I bought another brand but NOTHING compares to yours lol I wasted my money, and need yours ASAP!
— Cassandra
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At Prairie Creek Candles, our process is a testament to our dedication and passion. Proudly made in Saskatchewan, Canada, each step of our journey is meticulously crafted by our skilled team.

🕯️ Handcrafted Excellence: From the pouring of natural soy wax to the selection of premium oils, every candle is carefully created to bring warmth and fragrance into your home.

🌿 Local Pride: We're committed to supporting our local community and showcasing the beauty of Saskatchewan in every product we make.